Networking at the CES Conference by Harry Cummings, President, Canadian Evaluation Society

In my long career as an evaluator I have found networking to be the most rewarding way to expand my evaluation contacts and knowledge. And the ultimate networking opportunity for Canadian evaluation work is the CES annual conference. This year we’ll be meeting in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

The conference is an ideal opportunity to meet new people, explore new and old topics of interest, and share ideas with others. The program is set up to facilitate this through presentations, workshops, thematic breakfasts, hospitality suites, panel discussions and dynamic keynote presentation topics.

The conference is also a chance to reflect on your own practice as an evaluator. How should you deal with ethical issues? What are the new trends in evaluation? Are you “on top” of these trends? Are you successfully providing independent and evidence based advice in your evaluations? All of these issues (and more!) will be dealt with in workshops, presentations and special sessions.  There will also be ample time to mingle in the hallways with old and new acquaintances working in the field.

…and when you need a break you can stop to take in the beauty of Vancouver in the Spring. There’s also a lot of to see in BC beyond Vancouver:  Vancouver Island, Whistler, the sunshine coast, the mountains, the interior valleys and lakes, and wine country.

I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!

Harry Cummings, Ph.D., RPP
President, Canadian Evaluation Society
skype: cummingsharry