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The CES 2017 Fellows & Entrants Session: Come Speed Network! by Michelle Naimi

The 2016 conference in St. John’s, NL, was the first national CES conference I had ever attended and while there were many interesting presentations, one of the sessions that left me the most excited was the Fellows & Entrants Strand. The idea behind the development of this F&E Strand was to co-construct a space for Entrants (those who are new to the field) to engage with Fellows (senior evaluators with distinguished contributions to the field) – and engage we did! Continue reading

Student Competitions at CES 2017! by Case Competition Planning Committee

Here’s an update on our Student Case Competition and the Student SEEK Award!

In early Feburary 10 teams of students from universities and colleges across Canada participated in Round One of the 2017 CES-CESEF Case Competition, an annual even that helps students build evaluation skills using real-life cases. We would like to introduce the three finalist teams, and share their favourite part of the case competition! Join us in supporting these teams of students in the 2017 CES-CESEF Case Competition on Monday May 1 at 1:00pm! Continue reading

SEEK-ing Innovative New Evaluators through the CESEF Awards by Marshal Rodrigues, CESEF Program Chair

With its focus on facing forward and using innovative evaluation practices, the 2017 CES conference provides the perfect backdrop for highlighting the contributions of student evaluators. As the next generation, students across Canada continue to provide innovative ideas and approaches that will help to push the realm of evaluation forward.   Continue reading

Worth the Journey: Reflections on Evaluation from the other Coast by Craig Moore

Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians, the title of a report released in 2014 by the One Nova Scotia Commission called attention for the need for “Facing Forward” in the province. “Facing Forward” in this report called for a new way of doing business in the province to ensure a sustainable future. After reading “Now or Never” I decided to move back to my home province to start using my evaluation skills to try to help wherever I am needed (see my #EvaluatorOriginStory blog post http://www.craigmoorenovascotia.com/news/nova-scotia-evaluator-origin-story/). For me this report represented a personal call to action. Continue reading

Future of Evaluation: Emerging Evaluators on the Horizon by Carolyn Camman

In December I had the opportunity to moderate a breakfast club event organized by the local chapters for the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES-BCY) and the Institute of Public Administration Canada (IPAC Vancouver). The theme was next year’s CES 2017 Conference theme: Facing Forward: Innovation, Action and Reflection. Continue reading

Inspiration from Marrakesh by Sarah Farina

The well-organized and visionary Francophone evaluation network (RFE) conference in Marrakesh was an inspiration for me as Co-Chair of this year’s Canadian Evaluation Society Conference.  I had the good fortune to connect with the President of host organization Moroccan Evaluation Association, Jamal Ramdane, Jean-Marie Loncle from the Francophone evaluation network, and Program Coordinator Mouna el Ghormli from the Moroccan Evaluation Association, who gracefully shared their insights on organizing a successful conference with me.  Continue reading