c2017 Webinar Recording – Transformation in Evaluators’ Roles: Reflections from CES 2017 Presenters

Presenter Bio’s / Presentation Summary

Sera Weafer-Schiarizza is an Evaluation Coordinator with the Provincial Systems Support Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Ontario. Her work is focused on supporting the provincial evaluation of the Choices program for youth, through the development of a common but context-driven evaluation process. Sera earned a Masters of Public Health from the University of Toronto, and has supported evaluation for health agencies and community-driven initiatives across Ontario.
Presentation : Lightning Round Table / Playing the field: The dynamic role of evaluator coaches in supporting system-level change

Ms.Marianne Krawchuk is a Credentialed Evaluator and President of CES Manitoba. With a Masters Degree in Sociology, she brings strong research skills to her work. Ms. Krawchuk is the Senior Manager, Family Resource Centre Initiative at United Way Winnipeg. Prior to this, she was the Evaluation & Outcome Measurement Manager with a focus on building evaluation capacity internally, and with agency partners. She has extensive knowledge of the realities and challenges of evaluation in non-profit agencies.

Twitter: @MKrawchuk_MB
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/marianne-krawchuk-32325388
Presentation : Short Presentation / Sharing the Success – Family Resource Centres working together to demonstrate their impact
United Way Winnipeg (UWW) has been working with 24 Family Resource Centres (FRCs) in Winnipeg to develop a 3-year evaluation framework. This innovative initiative will enable us to tell a more specific story about the collective impact that FRCs have on Winnipeggers, and demonstrate the importance of the work they do. Through meetings, emails, and a secure online portal, a framework with common outcomes and indicators was developed and implemented. UWW has increased its focus on FRCs, and is now working in partnership with other funders and stakeholders to support the creation of a formal network with shared services, evaluation plans, and learning opportunities, as well as enhance access for families. This presentation will discuss preliminary results, actions so far, and reflections on learnings to date. It will also discuss the incorporation evaluation and how that has evolved during this process.

Dr. Sarah Schulman is InWithForward’s Founding Partner, where she facilitates a team of designers, social scientists, and community mobilizers to re-make social services from the ground-up. In Vancouver, InWithForward co-designed Kudoz: an award-winning adult learning exchange for adults with a cognitive disability. In Toronto, InWithForward co-designed a set of narrative therapy interventions with street-involved adults. Over 2017, InWithForward is launching Grounded Space: Canada’s first Social Research & Development collective. Sarah holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Social Policy from Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes Scholar, and a BA and MA from Stanford University.

Presentation : Storytelling and Short Presentation Data and Evaluation in Context / Measuring what matters: Prototyping an impact measurement system with & for adults with developmental disabilities

Nicole Markwick works to connect people and ideas for social impact. She has a background in public health, and is passionate about human approaches to evaluation that enable insightful, iterative, out-of-the-box program development. She now brings this love to bear at Kudoz, a novel learning platform for adults living with cognitive disabilities, where she works as an Engagement Curator.

Presentations :
* Growing a Community of Practice (with Janina Mobach)

* Measuring what matters: Prototyping an impact measurement system with & for adults with developmental disabilities (with Sarah Schulman, in place of Janey Roh)