Tours – Half-Day Options

Tour #1

Signal Hill and The Far East of the Western World (3 Hours)

First off today we will visit the National Park at Cape Spear, the most easterly point of land in North America.  Here the lighthouse has been restored to circa 1836.  Explore the bunkers built by Canadian soldiers in the side of the cliffs here during the Second World War.  Now you can say you have been to the other “Far East”” where you can stand with your back to the Atlantic and face every other being in North America – or turn your back on them.  The choice is yours. From Cape Spear we tour old St. John’s with plenty of time to see such National historic sights as Cabot Tower and Signal Hill.  Hear the legends of Dead Man’s Pond, and Government House and the history surrounding the Colonial Building. This tour will orient you and give you a feel for the history, legend and lore of St. John’s, the oldest community in North America.

PRICE PER PERSON: $55.00 including transportation, guide and tax (13% HST).

Minimum 4 persons

Tour #2

Marine Drive (3 Hours)

This morning we take a leisurely drive along the Atlantic coast stopping to visit such highlights as the seals in Logy Bay, the beach in Middle Cove where you can put your feet in the Atlantic or look for “lucky rocks” to take home for paperweights or for a satiny smooth souvenir, the lookout at Flat Rock where the rocks slope so smoothly into the sea that they make a natural slipway. Bring your camera and plenty of film.

PRICE PER PERSON: $65.00 includes transportation, guide and tax (13% HST).

Minimum 4 persons

Tour #3

Birds Island Tour (4 Hours)         

Today the group will travel by coach along the “Irish Loop” to Bay Bulls where we join the O’Brien family for a boat ride out to the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. The Bird Islands is home to over 100,000 Atlantic Puffins that nest here every year as well as thousands of murres and kittiwakes. It is early in the season but Witless Bay is also home to many humpback and minke whales. The sight of a whale showing his tail on its terminal dive in a glistening bay is one to be remembered for years to come. Be sure to bring your camera!

PRICE PER PERSON: $90.00 includes transportation to and from Bay Bulls and tax (13% HST).

NOTE: The departure times starting June 1 are 10:30 and 13:00.

To book a tour, contact Mark McCarthy at 709-579-4480 or [email protected].