Evaluation Research Methods for Non-Researchers: Basic Tools, Techniques and Short-cuts to Get You Started


This workshop provides a rapid and intense immersion into the discipline of evaluation for those new to the field. It covers a wide range of common evaluation models and practices, along with a full array of related research methods. It covers subjects most evaluators need to know including political concerns, standards and ethics, evaluation as a profession, and utilization. It includes common evaluation terms and an introduction to popular tools such as logic models and evaluation matrices. It also covers the range of common evaluation applications – from demonstrating program effectiveness to funders and supporting strategic program decisions to identifying improvements and meeting government requirements. It was designed as an easy vehicle to get participants quickly up to speed and launched in the field of evaluation.

You will learn:

  • the fundamental elements, with common variations, of evaluation research including: objectives, roles, logic models and program profiles, common data collection and analysis methods, effective reporting, and evaluation terminology
  • how to meet the typical (and sometimes competing) needs of program managers, sponsors, beneficiaries, and stakeholders, and keep your integrity intact
  • shortcuts to help you act ethically as you learn the craft. This includes evaluation as it relates to change management, and variants such as reviews, federal government evaluations, and international evaluations


Dr. Donald Hall is a Partner with the firm Goss Gilroy Inc. and a credentialed evaluator.  He has close to 30 years of experience in the field of evaluation and has led nearly 100 evaluation projects. Donald has worked extensively with federal, provincial, not-for-profit, and international development clients. He has conducted fieldwork across Canada, in Africa, in Asia, and in Europe. Recently, he was hired to draft the national evaluation policy of the Philippines.  Donald is also the lead designer of the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Essential Skills Series. Laura Conroy is also a credentialed evaluator and a Senior Consultant with Goss Gilroy Inc.

You can contact Donald Hall via email at dhall@ggi.ca.








Sunday, April 30 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Link to CE competencies for evaluators

  • Respects all stakeholders
  • Understands the knowledge base of evaluation (theories, models, types, methods, and tools
  • Defines evaluation methods
  • Reports evaluation findings and results
  • Identifies the interests of all stakeholders